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Emergency Contact Details

When an incident arises, what do you do?

Some incidents are enivitable on an NCS Programme, whether its a minor injury, a major injury, a safeguarding concern or behaviour challenges. There is always support in place for you as a staff member. 

Safeguarding Concern

1. Contact DSO
2. Inform Wave Leader
3. Complete Incident Form


Minor Injury

1. Contact Wave Leader
2. Administer First Aid
3. Complete Incident Form


Major Injury

1. Call 999
2. Contact Wave Leader
3. Complete Incident Form


Challenging Behaviour

1. Use strategies
2. Inform Wave Leader
3. Complete Incident Form


Flow Chart.png

You will be issued with a whistle to blow in emergencies ONLY. This will alert the Wave Leader and other Staff. All teams should then be removed from the area, asked not to use social media or to speak to the media out of respect for those concerned. Use your time with young people wisely and encourage continuation of the programme. 

The 3 R's

  • Keep it Real (Be honest about the incident without going into too much detail)

  • Keep it Respectful (Encourage young people to show respect by not talking about the incident, especially on social media)

  • Keep it Rolling! (Keep the young people on track with the programme, having fun and getting involved)

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