Monitoring and Evaluation


The most valuable feedback for all staff within the Counselling4Schools Service is learning from children, young people, their families and their schools about what a difference Counselling or Arts Therapy has made to their lives. 

In addition to what you tell us we also have a range of tools that help us to monitor and evaluate the work that we do with children and young people. These include: 


(A clinical measurement tool that looks at any changes in a young person's well being as a result of the therapy) Secondary School age 

Counselling4Schools Service Clinical Outcomes Scale 

(as above but for under 11s) 

Experience of service questionnaire

(for schools and families) 

Children and Young People's questionnaires to get their views 

If you would to pass on some feedback to us we would very much like to hear it. Please contact us on 01767 319505.