Start: 26th July




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Watch these videos to find out more about each phase

Phase 1 (26th July - 30th July)




This week is a great place to be to develop your skills and learn something new. This week of non residential day sessions gives you the chance to build your independence, confidence, teambuilding and leadership skills and take away valuable skills for life. 

You'll make your way to Tile Cross Academy each day. Meet your team and Team Leader at 9am and kick off a day of fun filled activities to develop specific skills. You'll make your way home at 4pm to end the day, but you can stay in touch with your team before you head back the very next day.

Activities on the timetable this week include; Teambuilding, Problem Solving, Community Awareness, Team Challenges, Debate Sessions, CV and Interview Skills. There is also the chance to meet community partners at the Community Café and speak to real employers at the Employment Fair. 

Towards the end of the week you will make a start on planning you Social Action Project, it's your opportunity to give back to the local community and make a difference and it leads us straight into Phase 3.

Phase 2 (2nd Aug - 6th Aug)


How this week looks is up to you and your team. You decide on your project, whether you want to support a charity, help at a local foodbank, create your own awareness campaign or anything else you can think of. 

This week we will provide the use of classrooms located at Tile Cross Academy that you and your team can use as a base/hub. You may not even need to use them at all depending on your project. Remember it's all about getting out into your community and making a difference at this point. 

This week is non residential and flexible hours so you and your team decide how you will complete your 30 hour Social Action Project, where you want to meet and who is going to do what. 

Once your Social Action Project is complete you are all done and it is time to celebrate. You'll be invited to a graduation ceremony later in the year to collect your certificate and meet up with your team.