Brief Therapy


Brief therapy is a service for young people which has proved to be very successful in helping to find solutions to issues and making change happen. Issues may include anxiety and depression, drug and alcohol problems and relationship difficulties. The Brief Therapist supports the young person to think through the changes they want to make and decide how to achieve them. 

Targeted Therapeutic Services 
One-to-one sessions mainly based in schools, colleges and Youth Connexions One Stop Shops. Additional services can be offered at training providers, home visits, health centres and community centres, as required. Where appropriate, other family members/carers/professionals can be involved where the young person agrees. 

The therapists see integrated practice as key to the service offered and liaise with other services and professionals to support vulnerable young people, for example attendance at Team Around the Child (TAC) meetings and making referrals to other agencies where necessary. 

Group work 
takes place in schools and in the community to promote emotional intelligence and wellbeing. Mainly targeted at supporting young people and working alongside organisations that support young people but may also include parents/carers/professionals or other community groups. The session offered is tailored to the needs of the group and can cover such topics as: 

  • anger management 

  • coping with exams 

  • staying emotionally healthy 

  • resilience: learning how to ‘bounce back’ 

Support Groups 
‘Just What We Need’ is a 12 week innovative and fun programme aimed at parents but suitable for any community group across the universal to specialist services spectrum. The aim is to help participants understand what their emotional needs are (and/or those of their children) and to identify any unmet needs they have. Participants learn to identify innate resources, individual strengths and skills and any areas they may need help with. Participants also learn new ways of perceiving difficulties and challenges, as well as identifying and setting their own goals for change. All the skills learned in this programme are transferable life skills. The resulting effects will influence parent/child interaction and/or relationships for the better. 

Professional Training 

Introduction to Brief Solution-Focused Therapy 
A 2 day interactive and practical workshop aimed at practitioners working in social care with a range of client groups and also relevant to project/team managers. Participants will learn practical skills and techniques to enhance their work including: 

  • the key elements of a solution-focused intervention 

  • problem free talk 

  • identifying goals and task setting 

  • use of the miracle question and stories/metaphor in therapy 

  • when/how to refer to a brief therapist 

Professional training can be tailored to meet the needs of individual services and groups. 

Solution-focused supervision 
One-to-one and group supervision is currently offered to Youth Connexions Mentors. Solution-focused supervision can be offered to other groups of professionals outside of YCH, for example tutors at training providers, social workers, other counselling services. 

Accessing the service 
Brief Therapy remains a free to access service for 2012-2013. 
For further details please contact us on: 
Tel: 01992 588796